Diego Sigma


… Sigmas [are] the lone wolves. Occasionally mistaken for Alphas, particularly by women and Alphas, they are not leaders and will actively resist the attempt of others to draft them. Alphas instinctively view them as challenges and either dislike or warily respect them. Some Deltas and most Omegas fancy themselves Sigmas, but the true Sigma’s withdrawal from the pack is not a reaction to the way he is treated, it is pure instinct …


… God has probably cursed Sigmas. Even when they specifically request NOT to be the project lead, then something comes up, like a competitor headhunting the project lead away from the project … Or they’re tired of dealing with retards and have very little choice, unless they’re willing to leave …


 … Other people aren’t Hell, but they are Purgatory. With long enough refractory period after being exposed to them, one can find their company quite tolerable. And other Sigmas can actually be fun. Alphas too, sometimes. But rarely … Other Sigmas are fun because they understand that after a certain point, this is done and it’s time to leave …


 … No chance [most men in game sphere are Sigmas]. There may be a higher than average collection, but most would simply be introverted Deltas or Gammas. There’s simply WAY too much complaining here about lack of attention from women for those men to be Sigmas. [Sigmas] score women more easily than any type but Alpha. Now, I think Roissy conflates the two types in his definition. Alpha attracts through social dominance while Sigma represents the appeal of mystery. Both are outliers. Men usually understand why Alphas are attractive, they often can’t figure out why Sigmas are. Betas are probably the best bet for most women, since Alphas collect harems and Sigmas are often stranger than the woman really understands …



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