Inside the Mind of an Anti-Social Sigma

August 30, 2010

Some brand of anti-social behavior is not about subverting any dominant paradigm. It’s about being true to what you want and not giving a rat’s ass about what everyone elses thinks. Social conventions were borne out of the want to control and punish uncooperative behavior. What “uncooperative” means exactly is defined by the point-of-views and motivations of the dominant individuals who holds power and runs the show. These nonetheless individualistic points-of-views are then shovelled down the throats of the naive, non-dominant masses in the guise of rationalizations like “it’s for the good of society”. It’s a hypocritical veil. A veil meant to wrap around these so-called social expectations so the weak-minded majority can be herded away willingly and corralled inside the pen of their own delusions about their inflated self-worth the more they buy into these fabricated truisms. Some people can see right through this veil though. Some people’s bullshit detectors are more refined than others.

Manipulation is so pervasive that for the most part, most people no longer see it for what it really is. Social conventions are all that — thinly disguised attempts at manipulating other people to fall in line, then dole-ling out small doses of social acceptance, a bit at a time, to reward compliance and encourage the perpetuation of the limiting system.

Anti-socials refuse to go through the inanity of this whole arrangement. They refuse because they are smart enough to know that they don’t have to.

An anti-social’s threshold for tolerance towards being told not to pursue his quests, not to act in certain ways, not to believe in certain things, for the sake of social conformity, is very low. He holds himself and his purpose in life above any other ideological dictates he hear others around him regurgitate. His worth to this world is clear to him. His path is well marked out in his mind. He doesn’t seek validation from others, he has no need for it. He is very confident. He is never afraid to live the life of an outcast, to dwell on the fringes of his social circles if he has to. He is always very skilled. Having learned early in life that most people cannot be relied upon, working on things on his own, he develops himself and becomes very good at so many different areas of life. He doesn’t serve society and wouldn’t bat an eyelash to worry about any of society’s troubles. He is lonely, always seeking companionship. But he holds very high standards for people he will allow into his world. He doesn’t need anyone afterall, so he doesn’t give a shit. Everyone looking to get close to him will have to validate themselves to gain his favor. But he can be extremely loyal, too — at least to those rare few who can understand his ways, pass his strict value judgements and share the vision of his purpose.

Resistance to engage in the trappings of a social life is never a reaction to the way an anti-social has been treated. This resistance is never a form of revenge. The withdrawal came as a by-product of an understanding. An understanding based on some knowledge about the workings of human nature that is so easily discernible it is almost mystical to observe that very few can sense what should be so obvious.

The withdrawal is a peaceful bliss viewed from the inside looking out. But from the outside looking in, society as a whole looks at the social apathetics with scorn — casts as unremorseful, uncooperative, schizoid narcissists. Perhaps those descriptions are true. Perhaps such labels are deserved. The irony is though, all that branding and all that alluding to is pointless. We anti-socials will never care. Even if society points a gun to our heads and yell.


One Response to “Inside the Mind of an Anti-Social Sigma”

  1. dana Says:

    ok, this is EXACTLY what my husband and i are like. it was nice to see it explained so well and without the usual psychobabble and shaming words. i like to joke that i lead “a contemplative lifestyle”

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