Goodnight, Diego …

August 17, 2010

goodnight diego… on Yahoo! Messenger

FLING : Hey what’s up?
FLING : I’ve had too much coffee for this time of the night 😦
DIEGO : go to bed. you have work tomorrow. didnt see your message until now. i am playing online poker
FLING : ok enjoy
FLING : Can’t sleep now but have to do so much before sleep
DIEGO : there you go again, exaggerating
FLING : πŸ™‚
DIEGO : somethings wrong with you
FLING : I have my real estate exam next saturday πŸ™‚
DIEGO : no, not that. something else
FLING : what?
DIEGO : i can sense it
FLING : what r u sensing?
DIEGO : some thought in your head that is not right
FLING : to be honest, there’s too many things right now
DIEGO : ooh, an honest woman. that’s rare πŸ™‚
FLING : have I been dishonest before?
DIEGO : women always are
FLING : you’re right
DIEGO : too many things? there’s always too many things
DIEGO : but this one, its weird. its kinda strong – the vibes
DIEGO : something big is bothering you
FLING : haha
DIEGO : just go to bed. it’ll take care of itself. like things usually do
FLING : you know how fortune tellers say thinks to you that you always agree with, this is one of those episodes πŸ™‚
DIEGO : im no fortune teller
FLING : they say: you have a problem
DIEGO : i just feel things
FLING : and then because everyone always has one, you will think yeah I do
DIEGO : dont be a smartass with me
DIEGO : im telling you, i can sense it
DIEGO : spiderman kinda way
FLING : ok then delve more
DIEGO : when there’s crime somewhere, spiderman can sense it
DIEGO : delve more? how much?
FLING : haha
DIEGO : both fortune tellers and psychiatrists gets paid you know
FLING : yeah
FLING : you want $?
DIEGO : gold trust up 4% the past 2 days
FLING : yeay
DIEGO : beh! πŸ˜›
FLING : 400$ ?
DIEGO : more
DIEGO : dont ask. im not giving you any profit
FLING : ok
FLING : btw line of credit interest for me is prime + 0.5%
DIEGO : total is?
FLING : prime is 2.25 I guess
DIEGO : no way!
DIEGO : like you got 3% ???
DIEGO : duh
DIEGO : youre exaggerating again
FLING : no it’s for staff
DIEGO : come on, you’re not that pretty
FLING : I’m not
FLING : I swear
DIEGO : ok, whatever
DIEGO : but im still prettier
DIEGO : πŸ™‚
FLING : ok
DIEGO : maybe you wore a bathing suit when you applied. not fair
FLING : come on
FLING : I’m staff
FLING : I don’t pay any charges for anything bankwise
FLING : and I get special mortgage rate
DIEGO : but you don’t have spider sense like me πŸ˜›
DIEGO : … and you don’t own polka dot underwear like i do πŸ˜›
DIEGO : nye nye πŸ™‚
FLING : byeee
DIEGO : im joking
FLING : alright time to get things done and go to sleep
DIEGO : hahaha
FLING : talk later and good luck with the GOLD πŸ™‚
DIEGO : youre so easy to piss
FLING : i’m not pissed
FLING : tired
FLING : promise
FLING : I tell you when I’m pissed
DIEGO : i want you to be pissed
DIEGO : i’ll piss you in your dreams
FLING : gooo
DIEGO : go to bed now
FLING : gn



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